Saker Mechanical

Oklahoma’s premier mechanical contractor

Construction, Installation or Maintenence

Our performance and attention to detail is guaranteed.

Oklahoma’s Premier Mechanical & Service Contractor

Our capabilities include Pre-Construction, Design Assist, Fabrication, HVAC, Plumbing, and Medical Gas.

About Saker Mechanical

Our goal is to provide a top quality project, in a timely manner, at a competitive price. From large design build projects to small service work, our performance and attention to detail is guaranteed. We rely on the best, most modern and highest quality, tools, equipment and parts, while striving to maintain the same high standards of courtesy and professionalism at all times. We are able to perform skilled, technical work for our clients on a schedule that meets their needs.

We provide the best quality workmanship for any contractor in our area.

Our Services

  • Preconstruction:
    Pre-construction planning, scheduling, and coordination are critical elements necessary to deliver a quality project on time.

    We are able to assemble design-assist teams that possess the right blend of expertise and skills to satisfy the specific requirements of any project.

    Saker Mechanical offers full-service, heavy industrial fabricator of top-quality modules, structural steel, storage tanks, pressure vessels, pipe spools, and more.
  • HVAC:
    We offer a wide range of services from simple to complex HVAC installation, retrofits, change-outs and custom configurations.

    We provide installation and maintenance for all types of plumbing systems.

    Medical Gas:
    Saker Mechanical specializes in all aspects of medical gas and vacuum delivery systems.